Discover the Secret Copywriting Blueprint From Inside Agora’s $2 Billion Marketing Machine

I’ve tried hiring top copywriters, but they are all too greedy!!

They want a piece of my business just for writing a few pages!

I recently had a conversation with a small yet successful online entrepreneur.

Although he had grown his business to reach the $3 million-a-year mark, he was stuck.

He was looking for copywriters to beat his control.

You’re not paying royalties?? I asked.

No! Why would I do that??

Now, you have to understand, as a 10-year copywriter and business owner, I have never once heard of a situation like this.

So I asked Dave to explain to me how he got to where he is today in business.

Well, I built it from the ground up. I did everything!

So you wrote your own sales letters?

Not the one that’s working, but I wrote the first four versions.

Then I hired a guy for a flat fee to write the new one.

What happened after that?

I made $800,000 in one month and then the copywriter got greedy.

He wanted a percentage of that money to keep writing for me.

I wouldn’t give it to him, so he left.

I nodded.

There’s a popular saying in business: “Money goes where it’s treated best.”

It’s the reason Agora has grown by almost $1 billion in the past few years.

And today has over 100 copywriters from many countries…

Because copywriters know they can get paid handsomely for bringing Agora their best ideas.

But If You Are Short on Cash…

Or can’t afford to bring in a copywriter with experience…

Here’s a secret to shortcut the system.

It’s Agora’s No. 1 secret for writing multimillion-dollar launches…

And is responsible for turning an 18-year-old copywriter at Agora into a multimillion-dollar success in his first 12 months.

And it works for everyone…

Whether you’re selling a physical product in an Amazon store…

Or you’re selling a $10,000 financial product to a list of skeptical buyers…

If you can follow simple instructions, this can work for you.

If you dream of starting your own information business that pulls in $600,000 a month or more…

Or simply want to make six figures in your first year as a copywriter, this single secret could be life-changing.

Take a look at this promotion to see what I mean:

$30 million dollar copy template

Originally a massive direct mail success for Agora, this single template is responsible for bringing in more than 400,000 new buyers and $30 million in sales.

What started out as a single simple idea about a secret blueprint…

Turned into dozens of new sales promotions…

And millions of dollars in new sales.

Like this one:

The copy blueprint in action

A spin on the $200 retirement blueprint and even more successful than the first.

Then there’s this one…

The copy blueprint strikes again

If you can find a promo that’s working and understand the general idea behind it…

You can turn it into a brand-new sales funnel and potentially hundreds of thousands of new customers.

Blueprints Are Extremely Flexible

And the new idea doesn’t even need to be that close to the original.

It just needs to follow the same general structure.

Like this:

Following the copy blueprint structure

And this:

Another example of the copy blueprint

Although one is about a restaurant manager collecting monthly income and the other is about a presidential account…

The basic idea is…

High-ranking government officials have secret ways of making money the general public has been kept in the dark about.

Whatever your industry, there’s a way to take the top-selling sales message and create a brand-new best-selling idea for yourself.

Of course, the part that comes from years of experience and thousands of marketing tests is knowing what new idea to use as the template.

And that’s why knowing an experienced copywriter can really be lifesaving.

Because they know how to generate new ideas a less experienced writer or new business owner has no idea about.

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Diana Gordon’s copy continues to earn millions of dollars for the industry’s biggest players including Jim Rickards, James Altucher, Peter Schiff, Mark Ford and more. To connect with Diana, reach out to her on LinkedIn.

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