The Micro-Influencer Launch Formula (Or How I Made a Million Dollars in 180 Days)

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about the power of using micro-influencers — niche experts with anywhere from 3,000–500,000 social media followers — to launch your product or service.

It’s true. Micro-influencers can be a huge asset in your marketing.

But what you haven’t heard is how to use them to launch a million-dollar winner — on demand.

Simply handing over your product or service with their fee won’t get you breakthrough sales.

And what I’m about to share with you is either unknown or ignored by all your competition.

Six months ago, my business partner Vince Harris and I used this strategy to gross over a million dollars. In this post, I’m not only sharing the formula we developed…

But I’ll also show you — step by step — how you can achieve the same results without Facebook ads, emails or complex sales funnels.

Read on to discover… The Million-Dollar Micro-Influencer Launch Formula

Step 1. Align Your Product With ONE Micro-Influencer’s Story…
(Build Instant Trust and Desire
That Lead to Million-Dollar Sales)

In a recent study, Experticity (now ExpertVoice.com) discovered that micro-influencers can generate 22.2 times more conversations than the typical influencer or celebrity who endorses a product or service.

That’s because “micro-influencers” have the most rabid fans.


Because it’s easier for someone to identify with and project their hopes and dreams onto a micro-influencer’s journey than a big celebrity or well-known influencer.

And out of that revelation came what we called the “Micro-Influencer Alignment Power Principles”:

  1. Find one micro-influencer whose journey would have been improved by your product.
  2. And who has lots of goodwill with their audience.
  3. Learn their core messages and “map” the features of your product or service onto them.
  4. Position your product or service as the mechanism for their future success.

Now let’s move on to…

Step 2. Apply My Micro-Influencer “Exclusivity” Principle…
(Reach More Red-Hot, Prequalified Prospects Without Expensive Facebook Ads, Emails or Complex Funnels)

Now, most micro-influencer evangelists will tell you to work with “multiple” influencers at the same time. But as you’re about to see, that can work against you during your launch.

We believed we had a better idea…

Once we found a micro-influencer we wanted to work with, we took our “endorsement” idea a step further.

Here’s how we pitched our deal…

  • We asked for five “prelaunch” informal Instagram stories (we wrote the high-level sales message for each)
  • We asked our micro-influencer to be the subject of one (and only one) live webinar we could also evergreen
  • We negotiated a “percentage of revenue” contract that was LESS than what we’d likely have spent on social ads
  • We gave our micro-influencer exclusive rights as the “face” of the product for the first four months after the launch.

You may wonder why we went all in and gave “exclusive” rights to a single micro-influencer instead of following the conventional wisdom.

It’s because when you do this, your relationship becomes about more than money.

Your influencer suddenly has reputational “skin” in the game. They become emotionally invested in your success. They want to be the influencer responsible for creating the “salivating” demand for your product.

Using this principle in the micro-influencer launch formula will guarantee you have no upfront advertising costs and sticky customers and profits from day one.


Step 3. Use the “No-Copy” Copywriting Technique…
(The Copy Secret to Generating Million-Dollar Sales — Even if You Can’t Write. Warning: This Will Be Controversial!)

Copy is always a sticking point for entrepreneurs. Getting that killer big idea or sales message together can bring your launch to a grinding halt.

The truth is you don’t need killer copy.

Here’s the secret we discovered…

When you align your product’s features with the core messages and journey of your micro-influencer — sales will happen with barely any copy at all.

So let’s talk about the simple copy you will need.

First, you’ll need five prelaunch Instagram stories, spaced a few days apart.

Each Instagram story is unscripted and should have…

  • A new angle for how the micro-influencer is using your product to electrify his/her business
  • A blurb about one specific feature — mapped to the influencer’s “core message” — showing how their followers can use it in their business (a 10-second demo is ideal)
  • A link to a simple landing/webinar registration page.

Then you need landing page copy…

Your Landing Page Should Be Just As Simple

Throughout our entire launch, our landing page (we only had one) just did the following…

  • Featured a testimonial from the micro-influencer
  • Listed the features with a quick benefit statement
  • Had a webinar registration button

Pro Tip: We intentionally capped attendees for our first webinar so we could honestly say “LIMITED SEATING.” When people felt the sting of a Too late, seats are full” registration message — their arousal for what they were possibly missing heightened.

And finally, you’ll need to draft some copy for the webinar…

Your webinar can follow any format — as long as it contains the “hero’s” journey.

After some “back of the napkin” math to figure out our price, we came up with these points to drive $100,000-plus sales in our first (and only) live webinar…

  • Tell your influencer’s “hero’s journey” story (this has to be true), positioning your product as the mechanism that delivered them from the same pain your audience is experiencing
  • Have a feature-driven section that expands on the Instagram stories they’ve already viewed
  • Offer a 75% discount as a special, one-time introductory opportunity
  • Include three awesome bonuses that give some “behind the scenes” access to your influencer’s life and business
  • Eliminate any risk with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But What About the Benefits?

You might notice that our copy was “feature heavy.” For the webinar, landing page and each of the “prelaunch” Instagram stories, we used the feature-function-benefit (FFB) formula.

I know what you’re thinking… You need to sell the benefits first.

But since trust is no longer an issue with a micro-influencer, you can use this easy feature-first formula without compromising sales.

We used this exact copy formula to convert 80% of our influencer’s traffic to opt-ins for our webinar.

Now it’s time to see how we more than doubled sales the following month — with fewer conversions and higher-quality customers.

Step 4. Double Your Price AFTER Your Launch…
(How Creating the “Ultimate” Selling Environment Can Double Your Revenue — Even With Average Direct Response Copy)

Here’s the really cool part…

Remember in Step 3 we “pre-framed” the future value of the product by slashing the price by 75%?

The next month we tripled our price (which was still a 25% discount), and two things happened…

  1. Our sales skyrocketed past the $200,000 mark for the month — with fewer conversions and better customers.
  2. We discovered by working the right way with a micro-influencer you can double, triple or even quadruple the perceived value of your product and create an offer that’ll basically sell itself.

So Let’s Recap…

  1. First, we created an optimal selling “environment” that would catapult sales even with “crappy” sales copy.
  2. We followed simple, well-known webinar principles using our product as the influencer’s new success mechanism.
  3. We pre-framed the future value of our product by offering an insane discount.
  4. And most importantly — we mapped the product features back to our influencer’s core message in all sales copy.

Use this formula and you’ll conquer trust barriers, instantly add massive perceived value and spark insatiable desire in one fell swoop — without any upfront costs.

It’s the kind of power savvy entrepreneurs dream about!

Just rinse and repeat your way to multiple product offers and multiple millions using this simple formula.

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