Perry Belcher

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Perry Belcher is a master copywriter for whom countless high-level marketing execs literally swoon. When he speaks at conventions, the audience burns up notepads with a passion heretofore reserved for teenage girls at a Bieber concert. He’s a Jedi of digital sales, author of dozens of top books…heck, he even has button named after him. Seriously. It’s called the Belcher Button. Google it. Perry has an incredible story for just about everything, from front row histories of new media to profound tales of innovation. He is a profound wealth of knowledge…and you never quite now what you’re going to get. Follow Perry Belcher, and you will gain insight to marketing, sales, business growth and business development that you wouldn’t gain elsewhere. Not all marketers are d-bags. Perry Belcher, arguably the greatest marketer on the planet, is the guy you work with to guarantee your greatest success, and also the kind of guy you’ll want to grab a beer with afterwards. Get inspired, get busy, and get that money.