The Most Powerful Sales Tool You're NOT Using

The Most Powerful Sales Tool You’re NOT Using…

(…and 6 Ways to Make It Work for You) It’s the mythical golden rule of sales… It takes “seven touches” to close a deal. Depending on what you’re selling, that number could be higher or lower. But no matter what your business’ magic number is, the basic premise is undeniable. Following up with multiple contacts...

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8 Tips to Make Your Video Sales Letter Convert Like Crazy

8 Simple Tips to Make Your Video Sales Letters Convert Like Crazy

Remember when the phrase “watching a video” meant either renting a movie or watching footage from your camcorder? In the grand scheme of cultural progress, it really wasn’t long ago… But today, most people carry small computers in their pockets on a daily basis. And “video” has become a much more egalitarian concept that’s available...

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6 Professional Social Media Strategies to Tackle Tech and Regulatory Challenges

6 Professional Social Media Strategies to Take On Tech and Regulatory Challenges

Technology and regulation. These two factors can dramatically limit the effectiveness of traditional marketing channels for any business. Yet at the same time, they offer unique opportunities for using professional social media channels such as LinkedIn for marketing. My company specializes in marketing for financial services and “fintech” companies. Few markets today are as fraught...

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5 Business text messaging strategies for more sales

5 Ways to Increase Your Sales With Business Text Messaging

In the fourth quarter of 2007, something happened that radically changed the way we communicate. Text messages eclipsed actual phone calls as a preferred means of communication. We’ve never looked back. Today, most people don’t even answer the phone anymore. To avoid sales calls and calls from people they don’t want to talk to, if...

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3 Persuasion Lessons You Won't Find in Copywriting Books

3 Persuasion Lessons You Won’t Find in Copywriting Books

“What’s the biggest mistake copywriters make that destroys their conversions?” When I’m out speaking, doing workshops or online trainings, that’s one of the questions that comes up almost every time. It’s hard to give just one ultimate copy faux pas. There are so many… and they can be extremely costly. Some are obvious: Focusing on...

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5 Copy Hacks for the Non-Copywriter

5 Copywriting Hacks for the Non-Copywriter

When you start a new business, copywriting is most likely the last thing on your mind. Instead, you work on your website, packaging and logo. You’re worried about the look of your brand but ignore the message you’re sending out to potential customers. But at some point when the rose-colored glasses of starting your new...

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The Secret Copywriting Code of Deadeye Dick

The Secret Copywriting Code of Deadeye Dick…

Kurt Vonnegut was a literary giant in the late 20th century. He published 14 best-selling novels — including Slaughterhouse-Five, Breakfast of Champions and Dead-Eye Dick — along with a ton of short stories and essays. So what’s he got to do with copywriting? He also wrote eight timeless tips for writing a great short story....

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